Additional Ticket Information

Ticket prices and details

VIP Weekend Package85 EUR40 VIP Packages
Rubber Social10 EURyes40 in addition to VIP
Rubber Boat tour25 EURyesseparate tickets may go on sale if space allows
Rubber Repair Workshop20 EUR40 attendants maxlimited availability
Rubber BBQ Buffet20 EURyesseparate tickets may go on sale if space allows
Main Party & Elections20 EURyes90 in addition to VIP
Rubber Brunch20 EURyesseparate tickets may go on sale if space allows
DRUM T-Shirt15 EURyes
Donationmake your donation for our Fundraiser at ticket payment checkout

The table above shows which tickets we have available or will have available. VIP Package tickets are valid for all ticketed events which state YES in the VIP included column. The only event not included in the VIP package is the Rubber Repair workshop, separate tickets will have to be bought for that.

Most venues and events have limited space which means that tickets may get sold out as we only have enough available to fill the venues to allowed capacity. Although we will also aim to sell entries at the door we can not guarantee that you can be allowed in if the venue is full.

Tickets bought through our ticket shop will be sent to you via e-mail automatically. Please bring the ticket either as print-out or digitally on your phone for scanning at the door. We can not check your tickets based on your name or order number, we need the actual ticket and QR-code to scan.

For more information on the weekend events have a look at our schedule. Please also note our dress code rules. You will be refused entry to dress-code events even if you have a valid ticket if you do not comply to the dress-code. We do NOT refund your ticket in those cases.

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